Victorian Micro Mosaic Brooch
  • Material: Glass, 18k gold tested, plaque on back is silver gilt or gilt metal.
  • Size: 2" by 1 5/8" not counting the longest pendant which is 1", only mosaic is  1 14/32" by 1 1/8".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1860 Italy.
  • Conditions: A few tiniest invisible tesserae lost, not visible by naked eye and, as can be seen, even not through the enlarged pictures.
  • Weight: 22,5 grams.

Highest quality antique micro mosaic depicting a a bouquet of flowers, probably primroses, a typical Victorian design. This one is very unusual because the bouquet is relieved against the background, usually mosaics are totally flat even if the perspective is always well made (this in the high quality pieces). This one is wonderful as subject and frame. The flowers are superbly rendered with fabulous shades of colors, the details are really amazing and you can even see a red bow that ties the bouquet. All the tiniest tesserae are masterly placed to form the subject. In this mosaic the tesserae are tiniest and to be a valuable piece they have to be so. Larger tesserae make the design rough as they can't show well the details in a so little space. So when I saw this one so beautiful and detailed, with that stunning frame and those unusual pendants on the bottom and, above all, in these fantastic conditions, I did not hesitate and bought it. The frame is another work of art and recall the flowers of the subject having leaves applied on forming a beautiful work of art. Believe me it is not easy to find a so magnificent micro mosaic today, they are rare and those few lovely ones are really sold at outrageous prices. A real fantastic, highest quality piece.