Victorian Ivory Cameo of a Bouquet of Flowers
  • Material : Ivory, 15 kt gold tested.
  • Size: 3" by  2 2/8".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1860/1870 France probably Dieppe.
  • Conditions: Mint.
More than Museum quality ivory cameo brooch of a bouquet of flowers. This one is very LARGE and wonderful! You know that I usually deal in mythological subjects and scenes and sometime in religious and portrait cameos, but when I saw this one I could not resist because this is, along the shell floral one shown on this site some time ago, the most beautiful floral cameo that I have ever seen. For first the quality is really a more than museum one and the bouquet is so lovely and so masterly carved. There are roses, a daisy, a tulip, forget-me-nots and violets, and lots of blossoms and leaves.  Just Victorian. The frame too is very lovely, enhanced by love knots beautifully engraved.  Cameo is brooch and pendant and there is a glazed locket on the back. This cameo is not to be missed because it is a very rare subject to find in a cameo and this one is a beautiful example, a wonderful work of art,  very detailed cameo, carved by an artist. Rarest cameo and subject very desirable collectors' piece.