The Virgin Mary
  • Material: Ivory, silver gilt.
  • Size: 2 3/8" by 1 6/8"
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1860 France, probably Dieppe.
  • Conditions: A few tiny invisible scratches on the cameo edges,  otherwise mint.
Museum quality cameo depicting a Madonna or Virgin Mary carved on ivory. Even for this one I think that words are not necessary as the beauty of this piece is so evident that pictures in this case really speak by themselves. Between cameos of a religious theme and in particular cameos with Madonna as subject, believe me, this one is the most wonderful one carved on ivory that I have ever seen. This one is perfect. She's praying as she has her eyes closed. All the sweetness of this world is on her face, this is a piece who gives me many good sensations just because of the serenity that I can see from her expression. There is something of extremely good and positive which comes out from this cameo. When a piece let make you moving, means that the carver was able to transfer in his work his own emotions, in this case I can rightly think that the one was a fervent Christian. However it is not easy to find front face cameos like this one and especially of this highest quality. This is a work of art as all the other ones that I have lately found.