The Most Precious Angel Skin Coral Set
  • Material: Real Angel Skin Coral, 18k gold tested, 7.50 carat of diamonds circa.
  • Sizes: Pendant: Length 1 1/2", coral cabochon 23 mm by 19mm, approximately 3.50 cts of diamonds. Ring: 1" by just ove 1/2", coral cabochon 15 mm by 12 mm, approximately 2.4 cts of diamonds, ring size 15. Earrings: just over 6/8" by 5/8", coral cabochons 16 mm by 11 mm, approximately 2 cts of diamonds.
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1940/1950 Italy.
  • Weights: Pendant 17 grams. Ring 10 grams. Earrings 12.7 grams.
  • Conditions: MINT.
Welcome to everyone! Today I have the greatest pleasure to offer this more than rare Angel Skin coral set. This set is made of real and rarest Angel Skin Coral. Set is from circa 1940/1950, the coral cabochons are totally hand worked. This is an authentic Angel Skin coral from Japan worked in Torre del Greco, the city of the coral, well known in all over the world for its coral and cameos factory. Coral lovers and collectors well know that pieces like these ones are really no more on the market, Angel Skin is the most precious coral and the quality of this one can't be found today. Look at the color, a soft pink but very compact, a joy for the eyes. The set is made by a pendant which can be worn as a brooch too, gold is superbly worked in the 50/60's style and surrounded by big diamonds, wonderful. The ring and earrings are made in the same style, this is a set that surely will be noted when worn. Normally a very good quality of REAL Angel Skin coral has a price of about $ 285/300 per gram, yes it costs more than gold, and this particular quality unobtainable today, would cost even more. Look at the color, a soft but intense and compact pink, a joy for the eyes. If you will have the fortune to get this one or the other Angel Skin coral necklace that I have in my shop, you really will thank me forever as this is as piece of heaven. Thanks for your attention and don't miss it! This is another wonderful piece. A very desirable collectors piece. 


Price: USD 20000.00