Lava Cameo of Medusa
  • Material: Lava, 9 k gold marked.
  • Size: 2 1/8" by 1 6/8". Only cameo is approximately the same size.
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1860 Italy, frame is probably English.
  • Conditions: A tiniest invisible chip close to her left wing at circa 10.00 hours, another one at circa 7.00 hours, both are NOT visible by naked eye, you can see them only through a loupe or through the pictures which are strongly enlarged. Mentioned for accuracy otherwise mint.
Another highest Museum Quality lava cameo, this one is surely the second best lava Medusa that I have ever seen.  This is a work of art, her face is the expression of the desperation, she really seems that she could cry real tears. Amazing. Even on this one you can see her teeth perfectly carved. Her eyes which are looking up appear to ask for help. It is incredible how the carver could transform the stone in something of alive, giving a soul to it. This cameo was carved by a passionate artist who was able to transmit his own feelings and passion into his work. I have to say that this cameo gives me a lot of emotions, it is like I could participate to her sorrow. This is the true art, something which gives you emotions. Another stunning cameo. I'm really speechless looking at it. A must have for any collector and cameos lovers.
A bit of history:
Medusa is a  character of Greek's mythology, she was one of three Gorgons, the only one that was mortal. Poseidon fell in love with Medusa and one night he took her in a temple consecrated to Athena to consummate their love. Athena offended, transformed Medusa's hair into snakes and again everyone that had looked Medusa's eyes would have been petrified. Medusa was killed by Perseus who cut her head looking at her through a bright shield received from Athena. From Medusa's body came out Pegasus, the mythic winged horse, and Crisaore generated with the union with Poseidon. For this reason Medusa's head was given by Perseus to Athena who put it in the center of her aegis. Aegis used by Athena is a fringed armour or a shield with Medusa's head in the center.