Hard Stone Victorian Cameo Brooch The Lion Fighter
  • Material: Hard Stone, 18k yellow gold over 925 silver, tested.
  • Size: 2 5/8" by 2" excluding bale which is 3/8", cameo itself is 2 3/8" by 1 7/8".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850 Germany, frame is late than the cameo.
  • Conditions: Perfect, a small chip on the back, mentioned for accuracy.

More than Museum Quality and huge cameo depicting a rarest subject never seen before now, The Lion Fighter after a sculpture madev by Albert Wolff in 1858 now outside the Alta Museum in Berlin, Germany. This cameo is a real work of art from another one, the sculpture. This cameo is very high relieved. The original work has been fully respected and each detail of it is present in this cameo making it an outstanding work of art.  I'm really speechless looking at it.  Some black and white pictures have been added  to better shown the amazing details of this incredible cameo, even the drape on the horse's back has been wonderfully carved and seems following the movement of the horse. Lion's fighter body is a triumph of force and beauty and shows all of his muscles, wonderfully rendered. Look at the whole scene, at the expression of the warrior, at the soaring of the horse who is afraid of the lion and at the aggression of the lion who is fighting for his life, everything is so well rendered that you can just feel the emotions of a battle. Look at the horse's body, it is perfect, all the muscles are stretched in the effort to avoid the lion bite. His mane and his tail are incredible like his scared expression. What can we say about the lion? There are no words to describe it, it is not a simple carved lion, it is a work of art, as everything in this cameo, you can see the ferocity on his face, he's liying on his back trying to escape to the inevitable defeat. Look at his nails, they really give the impression that they could kill every one in once shot. What makes me speechless is the paw he is giving to the horse, see how his nails sink into the horse's flesh, isnt'it real? Only the great skill of the carver could make this scene real and true. This cameo is something of really out of this world, there are no more words to describe it. Everything is perfect and masterly carved. The frame is another work of art, so elaborated and unusual. This is one of the most beautiful cameos I have ever seen, the pictures speak by themselves.  A very desirable collectors piece, rarest and museum quality cameo.
A bit of history:

Löwenkämpfer (English: The Lion Fighter) is an 1858 bronze equestrian statue by Carl Conrad Albert Wolff, (14 November 1814, Neustrelitz – 20 June 1892, Berlin) who was a German sculptor, and medallist.
The Lion Fighter installed outside the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany. An 1892 copy stands in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The companion piece is Amazone zu Pferde, also installed outside the Altes Museum.

Price: GBP 8750.00