• Material: Sardonyx Shell, 15K gold tested .
  •  Size: 2 5/8" by 2 2/8", only cameo is 2 1/8" by 1 6/8".
  •  Date and Origin: Circa 1870 Italy, frame  could be English.
  • Conditions: Some light hairlines, only visible when the cameo is backlit. A tiniest chip at circa 12.00 hours, just close to frame, an internal line close to that chip who causes the color difference you can see in the pictures. Carving has smallest and invisible points, on the face and on the neck, visible only under a loupe or looking at the enlarged pictures.
Museum Quality and huge cameo depicting a Bacchante. They were followers of Bacchus the God of wine (Dionysus is the Greek name). Bunches of grapes and wine leaves in her hair.  Look how the carver used the shell to evidence her face, the wine leaves and the grapes and the clothes. This subject really jumps out from the shell everything is so realistic, the leaves and the bunch of grapes appear just to be put like a cascade on her hair, this cameo seems just like a sculpture.  This is one of most beautiful Bacchante I have ever seen, the pictures speak by themselves. The frame is spectacular too, so elaborate and wonderful. This is another masterly carved cameo. A very desirable collectors piece, rare and museum quality cameo.