• Material: Sardonyx Shell, 15K gold tested .
  •  Size: just over 2 3/8" by 2".
  •  Date and Origin: Circa 1870 Italy, frame  could be English.
  • Conditions: Mint.
More than Excellent Quality cameo depicting a Bacchante. They were followers of Bacchus the God of wine (Dionysus is the Greek name). Bunches of grapes and wine leaves in her hair.  Unusually there is also a  lyre carved, which is the symbol of the God Apollo. This symbol in the cameo makes of it a very rare piece.  This is a beautiful Bacchante, the pictures speak by themselves. The frame is lovely too, so elaborate and wonderful. This is another masterly carved cameo. A very desirable collectors piece, rare and high quality cameo.