Fabulous Front Face Lava Cameo of Cupid
  • Material: Lava, 15K gold tested .
  •  Size:   2” by 1 5/8”, cameo itself is 1 7/8" by 1 4/8”.
  •  Date and Origin: Ca 1850, Italy. Original fitted case.
  • Conditions: Immaculate.

Museum Quality and rarest cameo depicting Cupid in front face. In the Victorian era Cupid (Eros in Greek Mythology) was often found in cameos and antique jewellery as the symbol of love. This one is an artwork and in really mint conditions, very rare in a lava cameo being lava a very soft and delicate stone. Cupid is here depicted in front face, a very rare depiction and in excellent condition. This cameo is just a sculpture as the subject really jumps out from the background, the carving stands proudly 6/8" circa from the background.. His little puffy face is magnificently made. The sweet expression of his eyes is amazing, his perfect and little nose and his mouth are superbly made. His cheeks are so round and full that you are really tempted to to kiss them. His hair is magnificently made, so curly and thick. His tunic is decorated with delicate flower blossoms. Bow and arrows at his left and right sides, they are his symbols. The proportions of the whole cameo are fantastic and the details crisp and amazing.  The carving is more than superb. Look at the beauty of the whole cameo, isn't it wonderful? All the carving in this cameo is an artwork due to the skill of the carver. Frame is simple and lovely, just the right one to evidence this really imposing cameo. You can't find a similar highest quality cameo, don't miss it, this is a real treat for any collector.

Price: USD 4000.00