• Material: Shell
  • Date and Origin: Cameo is Italian circa 1860/1870
  • Frame: Frame is English, marked as 9 kt gold.
  • Size: over 1 1/2  by 1 2/8 "
  • Conditions: Mint.

This is a cameo of surpassing beauty. Museum Quality cameo,the subject of this cameo is Apollo, son of Zeus and in this case the carver made an artwork,  this is another museum quality piece. This subject is peculiarly rare and is object of desire for many collectors. The shell is in perfect conditions with no stress lines or chips or cracks, the era of this cameo is Victorian, about 1870, A  very desiderable cameo for any collector. For further information on this rarest piece you can Email me following the links placed in every page, I'll be happy to answer to any question.