Once in a Lifetime Outstanding Cameos Necklace
  • Material: Cornelian Shell,  18k gold tested.
  • Size: Lenght 17", cameos go from 2" by 1 7/8" for the largest one to 1 2/8" by 1 2/8" for the smallest one, including frames.
  • Date and Origin: Circa  1860 Italy.
  • Conditions: A very few slight natural shell lines, barely visible only when cameos are backlit. 

Museum Quality and rarest cameos necklace depicting many scenes from Greek mythology. All the cameos of this necklace are more than finely carved. Many scenes are after Thorvaldsen sculptures. We can find, in the centre, Aurora and Nyx, Ganymede and Zeus, Diana the Huntress, Venus and Cupid, Mars sitting on a rock, The doves of Pliny, Psyche, and so on.
The mounting of this necklace is really outstanding, chiseled massive gold with an elaborate design who makes this necklace really unique. I have never found a so wonderful cameos necklace in so excellent condition for its age. The shell is so polished and brilliant that it seems it was carved just yeasterday. In my opinion it was never worn. This really would deserve to be displayed in any worldwide Museum. Do not miss it, a piece of history who will enrich your collection.

Price: $ 13000.00